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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  October 29, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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line drive to center field and the base hit. this comes -- the throw and not in time. >> the world champion san francisco giants return to the bay area after winning their second world series in three years. they scored what would be the winning run in the 10th inning. >> good afternoon, i'm torry
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campbell. clutch hittingnd smart pitching helped the giants sweep the detroit worl tigers -- detroit tigers. >> sergio struck out cabrera to end in game four. the giants won the best of 7 series. this is the second giants victory and the second since moving to san francisco in 1958. that final out, celebrations all over the bay area. this is what it looked like in the san francisco civic center plaza. an estimated 10,000 people gathered to watch the game in a big screen. they counted down at the final out and began cheering and letting out cheers of joy. there was even champagne flowing. even though it was supposed to be an alcohol-free event. unfortunately there was
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some significant damage done by fans who got out of control while visiting san francisco. brian live to let us know what happened. >> this is suppose to be a celebratory mood. as you could see behind me, lots of businesses this afternoon are having to clean up trash and wipe off tagging from last night's celebration. that's what you will see along the mission street from 16th to 24th in. the mission district, where the celebration went out of control. along with graffiti, several been fires. rowdy fans also jumped on top of the muni bus as well. we talked to some residents who say fans shouldn't act like this, especially after a giant win. for those who live around here, they say it's a scary sight to see. >> everybody was going, go giants. maybe two, three hours into it, everything started going crazy. >> reporter: again, this afternoon, you could see the
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aftermath. just along mission and 22 ped itself. pop eyes chicken restaurant, sketcher's shoe store were especially tagged. many of which had the logo tag in its walls and doors. many crews spent this morning spray washing and painting over the graffiti. we spoke with the business owners who also say fans need to celebrate responsibly. >> this is not the right behavior, you know, after -- and it's a lot of work. it's a lot of work for us. >> it's important that we celebrate responsibly. vandalizing private property is not the proper way to celebrate. we're hurting a lot of small businesses that are struggling to stay afloat in the economy. >> several vehicles and businesses also have their windows broken along market street and civic center. we take it back live along the mission district. we can see lots of graffiti. san francisco police say
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there's several out as well. ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, brian. ktvu sent us this video of the muni bus that was set on fire. it is on third and market street overnight. there's no word if any was hurt or if any arrest was made. a loud but peaceful celebration in san francisco's inner sunset district. >> another ktvu sent us the cell phone video. giant fans were banging on top of the rafts after pouring into the street. the celebration didn't appear to be out of hand in this part of the city. >> giants players and coaches heading home right now. fred english is joining us now where the plane took off. do you think it sunk in for the team, fred? >> well, i think last night did sink in, absolutely torre. we are inside the lobby of a
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private hangar here. outside, listed as 43 degrees. windchill factor, 35. it is bitter cold out in. earlier, the giants were what i would call family mode as they kind of took care of the children and waited arn for the plane to come. i talked to pitcher madison bumgardner. he said it was too early. the night is too young to talk. they were all scheduled to leave detroit metro about 1:00 p.m. they didn't begin boarding until then. the double-decker 747 charter finally left off here around 2:20 p.m. and should arrive in the city about 4:00 pacific time time.
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>> of course, mark secureo, the guy who had the clutch game winning single was michael scuttero, game four to finish the 4-game sweep. the locker room at the coamerica park is very, very small. and then you add the media and the celebration, it got very congested in there last night. the mood was obviously spectacular. everybody was euphoric. after all, even though they swept it, it is a much tougher fought series than what the scores indicated. we're talking about an extra inning game here to sweep it. these guys apparently had a good long night. they seemed very fired here. i think they are ready for the nap as they fly home. again, scheduled to land a roughly 4:00 in san francisco. reporting in detroit, fred en ingels. >> there are a lot of starings.
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combined era are 1.46. giants third baseman, sandoval. and, of course, they have a big game one, where they hilt three home runs. sandoval hit 24 hits in all. it's short of time in the all- time record. city of sacramento, the parade is scheduled for this wednesday, halloween, just like in 2010. ticker tick parade, in the foot of market street. an we'll have full coverage of the parade including the best way toss get there. and we have complete coverage of the world series in our website, and click on the world series tab. the east coast is bracing for hurricane sandy. forecasters say the monster storm is picking up strength and heading for shore. sandy is expected to make
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landfall in about two hours. it's threatening about 50-60 million people. many have evacuated from coastal cities. there's flooding already in parts of new york. some subway tunnels have been closed along with bridges. the financial market is also shut down as hurricane sandy nears the eastern seaboard. >> the storm is moving slowly and bringing high volumes of rain. essentially, this is a hurricane wrapped in a nor'easter. >> according to the national hurricane center, sandy's winds is measured at 115 miles an hour which is a strong category one storm. more than hundreds of members of california's national guard are heading to the east coast. members of the 129th rescue wing is scheduled to be in move fet field.
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red cross september people to the region over the weekend. travel in sfo, more than 100 flights have been scheduled. what travelers are facing. good afternoon, alex? >> good afternoon. a frustrating day so far for people trying to fly back east. this is what they are facing, a board full of cancellations due to weather. i just got off the phone of a spokes person. 150 flights were cancelled in and out of here, all because of hurricane sandy. stock at sfo, passengers put on a bind as the airlines cancelled their flights, including new york, washington, d.c., boston. these two buddies from massachusetts got the bad news when they showed up for their flight this morning. they will not be able to get home until thursday. >> i guess we will have a small little vacation, another one.
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but, yeah, possibly. probably missed some works. >> we have to find rental car, once again. find a hotel. >> airport spokesperson tells me, most of the cancelled flights are on united airlines. this is up with of their hubs. american, jetblue, virgin, u.s. airways and delta are also i am packed. there's a trickle down effect from the storm. some flights in the west coast are also being cancelled. >> we will see up with or two residual cancellation because of the aircrews that won't be fair. the san francisco vacation will be extended for a few days. >> now we'll play on friday. we will stay three days more. >> it's not just the other problems.
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the low hanging fog around the airport means delays for 45 minutes in many flights. . doesn't sound like weather will be an a issue for the san francisco gins. they are slated for long time rifle for sfo. the airlines are already canceling many flights for tomorrow. he believes it potentially could be a repeat on what we saw today. live at sfo ed savitch, ktvu news. hurricane sandy forced the closure of the new york stocks exchange. it is confirmed that they will also be closed tomorrow. crews put sandbags on the eye could bic building in wall street. and we just heard from the u.s. labor department, they are still hopeful to release the october jobs report on friday but the storm may force a
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delay. to teenagers accused of killing a castro valley woman appears in court. what they are facing. >> some when and where we were see some drizzle. why it's so important
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president obama is working -- says hurricane sandy will affect over 60 million americans. power outages are long and widespread. scott mcfarlane, where the nightmare storm has arrived. scott? >> on capitol hill a few miles away from president obama and the white house. we can tell you the conditions are deteriorating rapidly. the wind and rain will be picking up. it will get worst. the city right now is on lock down. it is empty. the government is closed. the white house, con congress, federal agents are shut down for business. emergency personnel are working here today. once more, mass transit, train stations are empty. and power outages are looming up to several million people could lose power by midnight. president obama had to campaign the stops in florida and ohio to deal with the emergency. he spoke after a briefing in
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the white house situation room. transportation room is tied up for a long time. friday, the significant impact for a lot of people in addition to flooding will be getting power back up. we anticipate there are a lot of trees down, a lot of water. >> by the shore especially. and the record levels in the eastern shores, delaware and new jersey. president obama is campaign -- canceling the campaign spot tomorrow. the storm is hitting its peak right now in washington. live this afternoon, scott mcfarland, ktvu news. >> we'll be following hurricane sandy throughout the day on ktvu. more on the website and full coverage tonight starting on our 5:00 news. a hearing is continuing for two teenagers while burglarizing their home earlier this month. 18-year-old cody nakozia and
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christy birdsal are charged with murder and special circumstance of murder during robbery. prosecutors say october 17th, they went to the home of barbara, where birdsal had done yard work. they strangled her and set the house on fire. >> this is obviously a heinous very violent crime perpetrated against our family member. the circumstances are just unforgivable. >> although birdsal is juvenile, he has been charged as an adult. the two are scheduled to return to court tomorrow. san jose firefighters say a three alarm fire in a vacant warehouse is suspicious. it started shortly after 4:00 a.m. south of harry road. it's one of three major alarm fires the san jose department had to fight in 24 hours this. one was in a building that formally house add gymnastic club. firefighters had to stay outside because of fears they
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would fall into two empty swimming pools inside. there are no reports of jerseys -- injuries. >> and chp is close after a fire last night. it overheated and caught fire around 9:30 last night. the building's sprinkler system quickly put out the fire. there pra no injuries. there's no estimate on when it will reopen. dispatchers in the chp sacramento and monterey campus offices are handling 911 calls that would normally come to the vallejo office. prisoners are committing fewer newer crimes. apparently due to a new. from 2007, 2008, paroled inmays had a 63% residual state. and prison officials credit the drop of new crimes to a program
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that questions high risk until they are released. >> prisoners will undergo drig. >> a warning on a scam targeting senior citizens. people reported getting calls in the middle of the night from someone claiming to be their grandchild. the person claims to be in a mexican jail. experts say older americans lose about 2.9 billion each year to fraud. most victims are women between 80-90-year-old. a town hall meeting is scheduled for tonight in richmond to discuss the city agencies campaign to tax sugary drinks. measure n will add a one cent per ounce tax on sodas and other sugary drinks as part of the effort to fight obesity. if it passes, richmond will be the first city to impose such a tax on businesses. the town hall meeting starts at 7:00 in bethlehem baptist
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church in richmond. good afternoon to you, a cooling trend is under way as we run through monday and the week ahead. we have temperatures slightly cooler. given your little look at the sunshine over parts of the east bay. meanwhile, inside the bay and along the coast, the fog is still pretty thick. the national weather service has issued a dense fog advisory from inside the bay as well as the coast lasting through the afternoon. i want to head to the east coast. the winds gusting anywhere from 60-70 miles an hour. the storm surge is battling the coastline. you could see at the still photo, we have blizzard conditions around the appalachian. we have the coast being pounded into new jersey an the new york harbor 60 miles out. so sandy is on the way ashore
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and it should make landfall in the next couple of hours. here in the pacific, we've got some changes on the way. take a look at the system here. ironically, sandy is telling this system, we expect to bring us rain by halloween. it looks like it may hold off just in time for the trick-or- treaters. the rain line to the north of us as we progress in the afternoon, it begins to slight, it's now into the evening hours right around 9:00 or so and it's over the north bay. it will sweep through. it looks like we can get it in time for the thursday morning drive. the good news, the trick-or- treaters may actually be dry. if you are out and about parting in the late evening hours, the chance of rain may increase. outside the door, 73 degrees. and 57 in napa. 64 santa rosa. napa is a reporting a little. and dense fog advisory, visiblity will be about a mile. for the afternoon, highs
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similar to yesterday and slightly cooler in the areas that won't see as much sunshine. 76 for santa rosa. upper 60s in salsalito. 71 in oakland. 77 in livermore. down to the south bay, mid-70s. san jose, santa clara. shaving a few degrees off most areas. 75 in redwood city. low 60s at the coast. with mostly cloudy skies. extended forecast there. the cooling trend, again, will is on the way. it will continue through wednesday, thursday, into friday. we will be clearing out partly cloudy skies and we're drying and warm in time for the weekend. mid to upper 70s. >> air quality officials. starting this year, 100 citations will be issued. this runs through february.
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the bay area air quality management district will forgive fieps for first time violators to complete a wood smoke class. how many packages the shipping company is predicting to deliver in the coming months?
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. race car driver was killed saturday night when his car crashed through a wall in the
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speedway. the driver was 20-year-old tyler wolf. officials say wolfs was wearing his helmet. calistoga speedway is a half mile dirt track. this event was a 25-mile lap race celebrating the anniversary of the speedway. the united parcel business is gearing up for a busy holiday season. the ups expects to deliver packages between thanksgiving and christmas. the world's largest delivery company estimates 26 million will be delivered thursday december 20th. that's expected to be the biggest delivery day of the year. ups plans to hire 55,000 seasonal workers to sort, deliver packages. honda reported quarterly package, soared 30%. honda made $1 billion dollar in profits, as sales jumped 20%.
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the automaker made a strong reoffery. and honda lower the the annual forecast because of a sales plunge in china. toyota also issued the animal forecast and saying it will be having a record year. with team coverage of orange october as the giants return to detroit. and they will have the arrival. and the celebration got a little bit out of hand last night. thank you for trusting ktvu tv.
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